Vehicle transportation from the airport to Mwika hostel and other desired places • Restaurant services
• Information services • Excursion and guide services • Catering services (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries)


Kilimanjaro National Park: The hiking trails to the top of Kilimanjaro are only a few steps away from Mwika hostel. Hiking to the top usually takes four days, but the duration of the excursion can be tailored according to your wishes.


Safaris: Mwika hostel offers safaris to all the most important national parks of Tanzania; Serenget, Manyara, Ngorongoro etc. Ask for a competitive price for a package tailored according to your wishes.


The cultural sites of the Chagga tribe: You will learn about the history of the Chagga tribe nearby the ancient Chagga village and through an underground tunnel network.


Waterfalls: The region has many interesting and amazing wild waterfalls and you can travel quickly alongside them by car, local bus (dala dala) or by renting a motorbike.


Lake Chala: Only about an hour’s drive and an exceptional view of a Tanzanian turquoise-blue crater lake will be revealed. There you can swim, enjoy its protected shoreline and spend the night in a tent in the middle of the savannah.


Looking at the coffee plantations: Local coffee growers will show how coffee is cultivate and produced, from its beans to a steaming cup of coffee.


Mwika Market: Twice a week, the Mwika market is filled with colours and a lively atmosphere. From the edges of the market’s corridors you can buy fruits and local handicraft (fabrics, baskets, clothes, paintings, etc.)


Goat Festival: At Mwika hostel, it is possible to organise local goat festivals for groups of different sizes. A festive atmosphere is created by presentations of local musicians.


Dinner with a local family: You can get an idea of the hospitality of the Mwika people when you are welcomed to see the daily routine of a local family. It is part of the Tanzanian culture to socialise in the evening and tell stories after dark.


Getting to know the local development cooperation sites: Various development cooperation work funded by different European and American initiatives have been implemented in the region. Through the Kangasalan Projektilähetys projects, you will be able to know the abattoir, women’s shops and the borehole project, as well as their different stages.